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Become a participant!

Neuroimaging experiments

Interested in participating in our functional MRI experiments, but never been inside a brain scanner? Click here for some answers to common questions.

UCLA undergraduate students

You can get credit or money to help science—and if you participate in a neuroimaging (i.e., not behavioral) experiment, we'll also give you a picture of your brain! My colleagues and I are always running experiments and looking for participants. For more information, click here.

Non-UCLA individuals

Anyone who meets our inclusion criteria can participate in our neuroimaging experiments. These criteria incude:

  • You are a native English speaker (first exposed to English before the age of 5; bilinguals are ok), and English is the language you use at least 75% of the time;

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old;

  • You do not experience claustrophobia;

  • You have no metal in your body, including no metal piercing (dental fillings are OK);

  • You have no color tattoos;

  • You have normal or contact-corrected vision (no glasses and no color contacts);

  • You weigh under 200lbs;

  • You can lie on your back and keep very, very still for approximately 2 hours;

  • You are normally awake and alert during the hours of the scan;

  • You are not currently sick or recovering from being sick.

If you meet these initial screening criteria, please contact Dr. Idan Blank to ask if we are currently running any fMRI experiments.​

In addition, many of our behavioral studies are run online on platforms like Prolific; you can sign up and get paid to participate in many experiments (of many labs across the world)!

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